For a Safer, Stronger Contra Costa for All of Us!

Meet Mike Barbanica:

Retired police lieutenant, small business owner, Antioch city councilmember, and former mayor pro tem. Mike kept families safe for over two decades on the Pittsburg Police Department and helped cut crime by more than 20%. Mike and his wife Kristine run Blue Line Property Group that’s helping more families access housing. Mike’s neighbors elected him to the Antioch City Council where he has been cracking down on dilapidated properties, helping small businesses succeed, and protecting a woman’s right to choose. For Mike, public safety is Job #1. That’s why he voted to put more police in neighborhoods, stood up against defunding the police, and fought for critical safety improvements to reduce traffic fatalities. For a safer, stronger Contra Costa. Vote Democrat Mike Barbanica for Supervisor.

Mike's Plan For Results:

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Take on the housing crisis so every family can afford to live and work in Contra Costa.

Public Safety

Get serious about public safety and make safe streets and neighborhoods the top priority.

Small Business

Revitalize commercial districts and cut red tape to make it easier for small businesses to succeed.

Family Resources

Boost county services for families and children so all of us have the resources needed to succeed.


Always protect a woman’s right to choose.

Preserving Contra Costa's Beauty through Smart Growth

I support smart growth to protect our county's natural beauty while working with developers responsibly. I successfully collaborated with Save Mt. Diablo and a developer on an East County project, satisfying all stakeholders.

Smart Growth in Action:

Smart growth means balanced development that respects our environment and enhances our quality of life. It's about creating vibrant, sustainable communities.

Capturing the Beauty:

Together, we'll ensure Contra Costa County remains a stunning place to live and work. Together we can build a sustainable future.

Mike's Labor Endorsements

Local 326
United Steel Workers
The Peace Officers Research Association of California
Contra Costa County Deputy Sheriffs Association
Richmond Police Officers Association
Concord Police Officers Association
Martinez Police Officers Association

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