Getting It Done for Us

Cut waste, cracked down on cronyism, got corrupt special interests out of city government, and balanced the City Council’s budget.

Fought against every effort to defund the Antioch Police Department, said no to encampments in neighborhoods, and put more police on the streets.

Doubled code enforcement staffing to make it easier to crack down on dilapidated buildings, trash and blight, and hold delinquent property owners accountable, and fought to clean up the methadone clinic.

Worked with the City Council to secure $1 million for structural changes to our roadways to slow traffic and reduce fatalities, and delivered improvements to the water park so children can play safely.

21-year veteran of the Pittsburg Police Department who ran the unit that helped reduce crime by 23%.

Helped 500 Contra Costa residents, veterans, and unhoused residents access safe, affordable housing.

Called for updates to the Emergency Operations Center to keep residents safe during floods, natural disasters, or major emergency events.

A Record We Can Trust

-Councilmember, Antioch City Council

-Mayor Pro Tem, Antioch City Council (2022)

-Committee Member, Community Development Block Grant

-Committee Member, Department of Water Resources

-Representative Committee Member, East County Water Management Association

-Voting Delegate, Cal Cities

-Small Business Owner, Blue Line Property Group

-Retired Police Lieutenant, Pittsburg Police Department

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