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Mike Barbanica

Mike Barbanica Advocates for Enhanced Security and Reopening of Antioch Library

Antioch, CA – In light of recent safety concerns that led to the temporary closure of the Antioch Library, Mike Barbanica, Antioch City Council Member and candidate for the County Board of Supervisors, has been at the forefront of advocating for immediate action to ensure the safety and security of the library patrons and staff. As a former law enforcement officer, Mike’s campaign is deeply rooted in creating a stronger and safer Contra Costa County. His involvement has been pivotal in the efforts to address the safety concerns at the Antioch Library.

Following a series of dangerous incidents at the library, including theft, vandalism, and threats to staff and security, the Contra Costa County Library announced the temporary closure of the Antioch Library. Recognizing the impact of the closure on the community, particularly on over 3,000 children from nearby schools who rely on the library’s resources, Mike Barbanica took immediate action.

“I am extremely concerned with the abrupt closure of the Antioch Library. This decision directly impacts thousands of children in our community who rely on the library for a safe place to study and access essential resources,” stated Mike Barbanica. “Ensuring the safety of our children and community members is paramount. I have been in close communication with local schools, the city manager, and the county to advocate for swift measures to reopen the library safely.”

Thanks to collaborative efforts, the Antioch Library is set to reopen on Tuesday, February 20, 2024, with enhanced security measures, including private armed security guards and improved security infrastructure. These steps reflect Mike’s commitment to the community’s well-being and his proactive approach to public safety.

As the Antioch Library reopens its doors, Mike Barbanica’s campaign continues to focus on the broader mission of enhancing safety across Contra Costa County. “Our libraries should be sanctuaries for learning and growth. We must continue to work together to ensure our public spaces are safe for everyone,” Mike emphasized.

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