Interviews with Unhoused Residents

Formerly Unhoused Resident:

Tiffany Walter

In this heartfelt testimonial, Tiffany Walter shares her journey from being without a home for over two years to finding a safe, comfortable place for her family, thanks to Mike Barbanica’s dedication and support. As a property manager and now a candidate for Contra Costa County Supervisor, Mike’s commitment to providing housing solutions for those in need stands out. Discover Tiffany’s story and see why she supports Mike Barbanica for County Supervisor.

Formerly Unhoused Resident:

Kavina George

Kavina George recounts her experience with Mike Barbanica, who was the first to trust her with a housing unit nearly a decade ago. Now in a better home and neighborhood, thanks to Mike’s unwavering support, Kavina shares why she endorses him for Contra Costa County Supervisor. Join us in hearing Kavina’s inspiring journey and learn about Mike’s impactful work in the community.

Formerly Unhoused Resident:

Renetta Sutton

Renetta Sutton, along with her granddaughters Zenaia and London Coulter, shares her moving story of how Mike Barbanica helped her avoid homelessness and find a wonderful new unit to call home. Facing challenges with her previous living situation, Renetta found hope and support through Mike’s property management company. Watch as they share their gratitude and support for Mike Barbanica’s bid for County Supervisor, highlighting his commitment to solving housing issues.

Formerly Unhoused Resident:

Erica Phillips

Erica Phillips, a young woman in her 30s, found herself in a dilemma that far too many face: living in a home that was hardly habitable, with a landlord who neglected the necessity of repairs. The lack of hot water and insufficient heating was not just a discomfort but a daily challenge for Erica. With no alternatives, Erica’s choices were grim — continue living in deteriorating conditions or face the uncertainty of the streets.

When Mike Barbanica learned of Erica’s situation, he recognized the dire need for intervention. He took action, offering the support and resources necessary to prevent Erica from slipping into homelessness. Thanks to Mike’s involvement, Erica was able to transition from her substandard living conditions to a safe and stable home.

Erica’s endorsement of Mike Barbanica for Supervisor reflects a heartfelt gratitude: “I endorse Mike Barbanica for Supervisor. I was staying in a unit with no hot water, barely getting heat downstairs. And if it wasn’t for Mike I would have been homeless, until I met him. Mike made this happen for me and I’m very happy for that. Thank you, Mike.”

Erica’s story underscores the impact of dedicated advocacy and the difference that compassionate, effective leadership can make in transforming lives. It’s a narrative that resonates hope — a reminder that every individual deserves the dignity of a safe home and that with the right support, such dignity can be restored.

Formerly Unhoused Resident:

Fred Wiggins

Fred Wiggins, a devoted father in his 30s, faced the harsh reality of raising his children in an area where the streets echoed with the constant reminder of crime. Concerned for his family’s safety and unable to let his children play outside, Fred reached out to Mike for assistance. Understanding the urgency of the situation, Mike committed to helping Fred find a safer environment to call home. After a year of persistent effort, Mike successfully helped Fred relocate to a secure and welcoming neighborhood, giving his family the freedom to live more openly and without fear.

Recently, Fred encountered a new challenge — the news of an impending job layoff. Undeterred, he saw this as an opportunity to pursue his dream of entrepreneurship. Mike is once again stepping in to provide guidance, leveraging his knowledge and community resources to support Fred in laying the groundwork for his own business. It’s a testament to Fred’s resilience and Mike’s unwavering commitment to helping community members not just survive, but thrive.

This journey is more than a narrative of moving houses; it’s about building a future where safety and ambition pave the way for new beginnings. Fred’s story is a powerful example of how, with the right support, individuals can transform challenges into stepping stones for success.

Formerly Unhoused Resident:

Debra Gregory

“I met Mike years ago and he was so good to me. I was going through some changes, some hard times, and he was so good to me. Mike gave me a place to live and helped me with my family. He’s one of the greatest people I’ve ever met. He told me when I met him he was going to help me to find a place and he was accountable. He was accountable and just beautiful! He helped me all the way, always checking on me. When I met his wife, she is a doll, they are some of the greatest people I ever met in my life. You have my support any time, any day. And that’s real talk.”

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