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Former Antioch Mayor Wade Harper Endorses Mike Barbanica for Contra Costa County Supervisor

Antioch, CA – Mike Barbanica’s campaign for Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors District 5 has gained significant momentum with the endorsement of Wade Harper, the first African American Mayor of Antioch. Harper’s endorsement is a notable addition to Barbanica’s growing list of supporters.

“Mike Barbanica’s dedication to public safety and community welfare aligns closely with the values I upheld during my tenure as Mayor,” said Harper. “His experience in law enforcement and his understanding of the community’s needs make him an ideal candidate for the Board of Supervisors. I am confident that he will serve the people of Contra Costa County with integrity and vision.”

Wade Harper, who made history as Antioch’s first African American mayor, has been a prominent figure in the city’s political and social landscape. Elected to the City Council in 2010, Harper was the second African American council member in Antioch after Reggie Moore, reflecting the city’s increasing diversity. In 2012, Harper was elected as mayor on a platform of zero tolerance for crime, succeeding James Davis, and making history in Antioch’s 162-year timeline. Alongside his mayoral duties, Harper retired from his position as a police lieutenant in Tracy, demonstrating his commitment to full-time public service.

Barbanica expressed his appreciation for Harper’s endorsement, stating, “It is an honor to receive the endorsement of Wade Harper, a respected leader who has significantly contributed to Antioch’s growth and development. His support reinforces our shared commitment to enhancing public safety and fostering a community where every resident can thrive.”

Barbanica’s campaign is rooted in his extensive experience in law enforcement and public service. His dedication to ensuring public safety, enhancing community engagement, and advocating for effective governance has garnered widespread support across Contra Costa County.

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