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November 28th, 2023



Mike Barbanica


Mike Barbanica, Esteemed Law Enforcement Veteran and Councilman, Gains Key Endorsements from Leading Law Enforcement Unions for Supervisor Bid

Democrat Antioch Councilman and Retired Police Lieutenant Mike Barbanica Secures Key Endorsements from Prominent Law Enforcement Unions in His Bid for Supervisor

Antioch, CA – In a significant boost to his campaign for Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors District 5, Mike Barbanica today proudly announced receiving endorsements from several of California’s most respected law enforcement unions. These include the Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC), Contra Costa Deputy Sheriffs’ Association (CCDSA), and the Police Officers Associations (POAs) of Martinez, Richmond, Concord, and Pittsburg.

As a retired police lieutenant with 21 years of dedicated service in the Pittsburg Police Department, Barbanica’s commitment to public safety and his deep understanding of law enforcement challenges have resonated strongly with these organizations.

“We firmly believe that Mike Barbanica’s extensive experience in law enforcement and his proven track record on the Antioch City Council make him the ideal candidate for the Board of Supervisors,” said a spokesperson from the Contra Costa Deputy Sheriff’s Association. “His dedication to improving community safety and supporting law enforcement personnel is unparalleled.”

These endorsements come as a testament to Barbanica’s long-standing relationship with the law enforcement community. During his tenure at the Pittsburg Police Department, he was instrumental in reducing crime rates and enhancing public safety measures. His leadership in addressing key issues facing law enforcement today continues to garner widespread admiration and support.

Barbanica expressed his gratitude for the endorsements, stating, “I am deeply honored to receive the trust and support of these esteemed law enforcement unions. Their recognition reinforces my commitment to ensuring that Contra Costa County remains a safe and secure place for all residents. On the Board of Supervisors, I pledge to work tirelessly to address the evolving challenges in public safety and to support our law enforcement officers in their critical mission.”

Barbanica’s campaign for Contra Costa County Supervisorial District 5 has been marked by a strong focus on public safety, community engagement, and effective governance. His endorsements from these prominent law enforcement unions underscore his standing as a leader who is deeply committed to the safety and well-being of the community.

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Mike Barbanica’s dedication to public service and law enforcement is both a personal and family legacy. His mother, Fran, was a trailblazer in the Antioch Police Department, serving as a clerical supervisor, dispatcher, and the Police Chief’s administrative assistant. She was also the first woman in the city to pass the reserve officer test. Inspired by his mother’s groundbreaking career, Mike followed in her footsteps, joining the Pittsburg Police Department and demonstrating an unwavering commitment to public safety.

While still in high school, Mike put himself through the Reserve Academy and soon after, earned the top score on the Pittsburg police officer test. He began his career as a reserve officer, quickly transitioning to a full-time role after graduating from the Police Academy. For over two decades, he dedicated himself to keeping families safe and combating crime.

Throughout his service, Mike advanced through the ranks from cadet to lieutenant, demonstrating exceptional leadership and expertise in various capacities. He led a street-level narcotic and crime unit, significantly reducing crime by 23%. His work as a detective focused on addressing sexual assault and crimes against women and children, and he also spearheaded the department’s traffic unit, investigating fatal crashes to enhance road safety.

Mike’s expertise extended to the K-9 Unit, where he worked alongside police dogs to safeguard the streets. Following the 9/11 attacks, he was entrusted with leading Pittsburg’s emergency operations center, collaborating with the FBI to ensure the security of the community.


In 1994, Mike’s bravery was highlighted when he confronted an active shooter at Raley’s, an act of valor that earned him the Bronze Medal of Valor Award. Retiring in 2007 as a police lieutenant after 21 years of service, Mike’s legacy in law enforcement continues, with his son now serving on his old beat in Pittsburg, CA.

Mike Barbanica’s extensive experience and deep understanding of law enforcement challenges have shaped his approach to public service, positioning him as a key advocate for public safety and community well-being in his role as a Councilman and now as a candidate for the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors.

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